International Communication 
 International Collaboration 
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      International Communication

    To meet International standards for our students to be accepted around the world, we implement intensive individual development courses, emphasized both English teaching and civilized culture education. We select experienced Chinese and foreign teachers to present lessons, invite professional foreign scholars to enhance our frame of reference and send our staff abroad to equip them more for the task they have.
After several years’ exploration, we implemented three ways of International collaboration:
1. Continuous education abroad. Students study in CMC for 3 years and 2 years abroad, or 1 year locally and 4 years abroad, to further their studies for a Bachelor or Post Grad degree.
2. Abroad internship. In this way, students improve both their English language proficiency and practical nursing skills.
3. Graduated registered nurses to be employment abroad for multi cultural needs and cross breading methodology.

Thailand’s Professor Nanthaphan, visiting Our History Museum Director Zhang Xiangfu, awarding the Appointment of Honorary Professor to Professor Francois du Toit of South Africa.
Foreign Professor Visiting Library South African Professor Anita Amazing about Our Facilities
Collaboration with Grand Canyon School Good Relationship with Japanese Hospital
Australian Rector of TAFE Nursing Institute Visiting Our Achievements in Scientific Research American Visiting Professor Thomas Highly Praised
























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