Landscape of Changchun

        Changchun Medical College is located in Changchun city which is the capital of Jilin Province and the provincial center of politics, economy, science and technology, and culture. The city has a huge developing industry, developed agriculture and high education level with thirty two Tertiary Institutions (colleges and universities). It also has many beautiful scenes and tourist spots. Jingyue Lake Forest Park is a scenic spot of International class, which houses the largest man-made forest in Asia. So Changchun is also called “Forest City”. The Imperial Palace of “Manchurion State” is one of three existing palaces in China. The ancient tower in Nong’an county provides a view for people to understand the history, culture and architecture of the Liao Kingdom. Changchun is also the cradle of China’s film industry and has a huge modern film city for movie making.

        Winter is a very special time when all the lakes and rivers turn into thick ice reservoirs. You could not only go skiing, skating and auto rally, but also enjoy the Ice lantern show and snow sculpture display. A participation in the ice-snow festival can be compared to a visit to a fairyland crystal palace.

Changchun Film Studio Park Dragon Dance
Jingyue Park  Sculpture Park
Puppet State's Imperial Palace Kaffir Lily
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