Founded in 1936, Changchun Medical College is located in Changchun, Jilin Province, China. It is a full-time ordinary college with the ratification of State Education Ministry and is accredited the Example College in Jilin province. It has 520 faculty members, around 10 thousand students, 1 national training basement, 1 provincial educational training basement for general medicine, 1 national standard key research subject in “ the eleventh-five plan”. 1 national teaching reformation experimental major, 2 provincial teaching reformation experimental majors, 12 provincial enlisted first-class subjects, 2 national excellent subjects,4 provincial qualified labs, 2 occupational skill appraisal stations, where 19 types of work are authorized to be tested. It consists of two hospitals, five faculties and 7 departments and one simulation hospital. That is the 1st and 2nd affiliated hospitals, Faculty of Medical Science, Faculty of Medical Technology, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Pharmacy, Bioengineering Faculty, Fundamental Medical Science Department, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Department, Computer Science Teaching and Research Department, Medical Humanity Department, Physical Education Teaching and Research Department, International Communication Department and Adult Education Department. It offers 19 majors from clinical medical science to nursing and medicine science and 10 correspondence courses for adults.
By 70 years’ construction and development, the school accumulates enriched humanistic culture. Under the guidance of schooling theory that teaching is for benefiting student; learning is for becoming benevolent, the school concludes the credendum that medical staff should follow their duties regardless of repayment. Education of Love and Virtue are put into every aspects of students’ cultivation. Facing new chances and challenges and following the trend of medical education development, the school raises its schooling concept that taking employment as guidance; taking community service as target; taking training qualified talents as center and works out the general goal forging ahead toward universities. Our mission at CMC is to become a research-oriented, interactive, world-class graduate school. We are devoted to high standard of teaching, innovation and internationalization.
































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