Students Activities 


        With the development of teaching conditions and resources, CMC started to enroll students nationwide, from 30 provinces, cities and municipalities. There are 5870 students at present. For meeting society’s demand, majors were increased from 6 in 1999 to 19 at present. By adjusting to the growing demand, a new competitive and society orientated choice of curriculum came into being.

        CMC pays attention to the after-class education to students. Students take part in varieties of commonwealth activities, which helps to form positive sense of life, teamspirit and sense of group hornor. Facing the severe earthquake of China Sichuan province, our students actively devote into the security action. They donate money, take on sale of work, hold performance party and write articles. Even Some graduates go to Sichuan to join the security work. Using their own ways, CMC students show the care to people in disaster area and love and best wish to our motherland.

        CMC strives to cultivate the talents of each student to meet the demand of our economy driven society. We pay attention to practical innovation, which strengthens the prospect medical employee’s position in a large competitive society.

        Our graduates are sought after not only in Jilin Province, but in all 30 provinces and even abroad. During 2005, CMC was awarded the: “Example Unit on Employment for Graduates of Universities and Colleges in Jilin Province”. Our graduates are welcomed widely by society and they devote a great contribution to the development of heath career in China.

        Internship and Employment
        1. Home Nursing
        2. Emergency Medical Services
        3. Physical examination
        4. Hygiene and Food Inspection Services
        5. Amenity training
        6. Pregnancy and Infant Care
        7. Mobile Community Health Care
        8. Doctor Assistants
        9. Preliminary consultation and counseling

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Doctor Emergency Medical Services
 Laboratory Physical Examination for Children
Taking Care of the Old Infant Care

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