Founded in 1936, Changchun Medical College is located in Changchun, Jilin Province, China. It is a full-time ordinary college with the ratification of State Education Ministry and is accredited the Example College in Jilin province. It has 1607 faculty members, around 10 thousand students, 1 national training basement, 1 national teaching reformation experimental major, 2 provincial teaching reformation experimental majors, 12 provincial enlisted first-class subjects, 4 provincial qualified labs, 2 occupational skill appraisal stations, where 17 types of work are authorized to be tested.     
  Vacancy Information
  English teachers:
Requirement: With English teaching experience or with English teacher certificate, from English countries.
Working Time: 1 year contract:
Treatment details are to be further communicated.
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  Majors Setting
  1.Clinical Medical
2.Clinical Cosmetology
3.Gynecology, Pediatrics and Hygiene
5.Traditional Chinese Medicine
6.Chinese & Western Combined Medicine
7.Oral Medicine
8.Acupuncture and Massage
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     Teaching Conditions
    CMC increases the devotion into basic facilities for students’ studying and living. Since 2000, the general schooling conditions has improved largely. By constructing new campus and reconstructing old campus, now the school reaches an area of 346752 square meters, which is as large as 3 times area in 2000. The building area is 153567 square meters, 4 times of year 2000. With continuous devotion and construction, the capital assets reaches 0.2 billion yuan. Total value of equipment capital on educational scientific research is 95900 thousand yuan. There is a collection of 396996 volumes in library.The numbers of multi-media rooms, language labs and office computers are mass increased. The improvement on teaching······          
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International Communication

    To meet International standards for our students to be accepted around the world, we implement intensive individual development courses, emphasized both English teaching and civilized culture education. We select experienced Chinese and foreign teachers to present lessons, invite professional foreign scholars to enhance our frame of reference and send our staff abroad to equip them more for the task they have.
    After several years’ exploration, we implemented three ways of International collaboration:
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  Students Activities
  Our colorful campus and beautiful culture ensure each stone to tell a story, each tree to display affection of keeping development and environment in mutual balance and understanding of life. Student activities such as Sport, Culture and Art give the students the opportunity to be creative and be able to express their love for each other, CMC andl······
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